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First of all, the judges would like to congratulate all the nominees. Being nominated is a mark of appreciation from the teaching team at your department. They have appreciated your commitment, and the way you approached and executed your graduation project. Include this in your CVs and use it in your future careers!

One thing that struck the judges was that the work differed considerably in nature, which raised the question as to what the criteria have been for nominating graduates. The wide range of work, from autonomous – bordering on art - to highly socially relevant projects, did not make things easy for the judges. We would recommend that the ideas on this subject are a little more synchronised for next year.

The thing which all the candidates shared was their enthusiasm with regard to the work and the presentation. However, the winners stood out for the level of completeness of their work and for their drive. After careful consideration and some fascinating deliberations the judges have been unanimous in their decision.


Keep an Eye Grant (11,000 euros)
Pieter-Jan Pieters, Sound On Intuition

Music of Intuition is a project from the heart, and it was created out of a sense of wonder. The way we create electronic music is a continuation of the way we used to make music. This applies to synthesizers, but also to other electronic instruments. Like in the past, the crux of mastering these electronic and digital instruments is in mastering a movement that requires a lot of practise. Music on Intuition is Pieter-Jan’s way of letting people use their own gestures and limbs to create rhythm, melody and compositions. And suddenly, making music becomes much more easily accessible. Everyone can do it and master it in his own way.

The judges are looking forward to seeing how Pieter-Jan will be adapting his concept for the consumer market and hopes he will be extending the concept and infect the various channels in social media as well.


Keep an Eye Grant (11,000 euros)
Lisa Vergeer, We've (got history)

The judges were thoroughly impressed with Lisa’s presentation and her drive to become an entrepreneur. The We’ve Collection, a collection of contemporary bags inspired by historical solutions for carrying things around and habits from different cultures, came with a uniquely sound research plan which included SWOT analyses, an overview of competing manufacturers, target groups, a marketing plan, prognoses, etc. As she is a designer who focuses on entrepreneurship but also on promoting well-designed, refined and elegant products for women, and in future also for men, the judges are keen to boost the start of her career. 


Keep an Eye Grant (11,000 euros)
Galaxy Price (2,000 euros and 2 advisory days at Syntens)
Sebastiaan Sennema, Urban Harvest Series (UHS) and Seed Savour

The judges were pleasantly surprised by the level of completeness of these two projects. Fundamentally, the idea is a product. But it is so much more. Most important is the way people communicate with each other, try to contact each other, swap and collaborate; it is tangible and also virtual, it is local and at the same time it is relevant to the entire world. Sebastiaan has not only thought about the aesthetic value of the product, but has also taken into consideration the functional demands such as shipping weight, producibility, and sustainability. All these aspects are featured in the extensive system he has devised.

Sebastiaan’s projects tie in with a trend in urban farming. More and more people are growing vegetables on a tiny scale. Sebastiaan has responded to this trend and hopes his products will promote awareness of biodiversity in local vegetables and the recycling of organic waste.


Keep an Eye Grant (11,000 euros)
René Smeets Price (2,000 euros and two advisory days at Syntens)
Mickael Boulay, Measuring Less To Feel More

Mickael’s professional and consistent approach in every phase of his design was recognised and applauded by all the judges. Throughout the design process Mickael has worked with professionals and people with diabetes – the users – in order to gather feedback on his research, analyses and conclusions. He gives an overview of the process in his film. The product, eventually, the Glucometer, is well thought out, easy to realise, and most importantly, a very friendly product. The judges hope it will be introduced to the market soon, as it is so relevant for the target group, sufferers of type II diabetes, and causes them no additional stress. Mickael has worked with the De Waag society on his project, and he has appointments coming up with companies such as Bayer.

Judging panel
Cees Hogendoorn / Syntens (Chairman) 
Jeroen van Erp / Fabrique
Hans Robertus / Dutch Design Week 
Hanne Caspersen / Philips Design Gerard Baten / Daf Trucks
Paul Mameren / Printing Lecturis

Published: 22-Oct-2012 21:13
  • Winners Keep An Eye Grant Award

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