Curated tours by The Critical Inquiry Lab

​Easy Digest Diegetic Design. The Graduation Show through Blockbusters

Students from the MA The Critical Inquiry Lab guide you through the Graduation Show based on blockbuster movies. Enter the realm of one of the three films on show and discover a selection of projects through it. By matching tours with films and films with themes, these tours offer affordable and disposable stories for a broad audience, while critically introducing you to the hidden fictions behind design.
Tours start daily at 13.30h at the Meeting Room.
Maximum 25 people, first come first serve.

Kill Bill: the revenge of design
Power is everywhere, even at the graduation show. Some question it, analyze it, (re)gain it. When we slowly infiltrate systems of power, we might see what role design can play in society. Is power designed? Is design a form of power? Or maybe a tool of revenge?
In the context of the graduation show, several projects seem to be in conversation with the roles of power. We interpret the materialization of these projects as a sword of revenge.
In Tarantino’s film, Kill Bill Vol.1, it is a woman that embodies the idea of revenge against power. During the film, Mentor Hanzo supports the bride on her heroic quest of revenge by forging a sword, but not without a warning: “Revenge is never a straight line. It’s a forest. And like a forest, it’s easy to lose your get forget where you came in.”
  • Saturday, 19 Oct, @ 13.30
  • Tuesday, 22 Oct @ 13.30
  • Friday, 25 Oct @ 13.30
Guided by:
  • Cecilia Casabona
  • Litty Teresa Salas
  • Ramon Cardenas
  • Viktoria Kaslik
  • Unlearn by Oriane Rondeau
  • Will I burn there too? by Sylke van der Heiden 
  • Vocing borders by Irakli Sabekia
  • You can……….. in exhibitions by Tristan Roques
  • Emergency Confidence by Linda Vilumsone
  • Safety Dummy by Louise Gholam
  • Smart Voyeurism by Nejma Boussaïd
  • Atlas of internet geography by Lucas Dubois
  • Techno Venus by Julie Patard
  • When is white, white enough? by Héloïse Charital
  • One-tailed by Domitille Debret
Lost in Translation: we found love in a hopeless place
Japan, 2003
Two Americans have a random encounter in a hotel lift in between boredom, loneliness and jet lag. Right there, suspended in time and space, social norms are far away. What do they feel?
    - (Inaudible whisper)
    - (Inaudible smile)....
The graduation show is our foreign land. Here, we together are about to experience small encounters with different worlds, defined by each project and their own languages. Are we ready to get Lost in Translation and connect via emotions? Can we find new ways to interact? Can we cross the fragile boundaries between us and the stories that the designers are eager to narrate? Let the love radiate.
  • Sunday, 20th Oct, @ 13.30
  • Wednesday, 23th Oct @ 13.30
  • Saturday, 26th Oct @ 13.30
Guided by:
  • Paula Chang
  • Sofia Topi
  • Juliette Mirabito
  • Beauty of Giving by Jasper Zehetgruber
  • Woo by Bea van Grutten
  • The Desirables by Sandra Janssen
  • Train Station Rituals by Vera Charniak
  • Feetish by Hung-Sheng Lee
  • Striptopia by Maggie Laylon Saunders
  • Collector of Emotions by Ivy Go
  • Design of Marriage by Jae Jang
  • Mise en Abyme of Love by Esteban Gomez-Rosselli
  • Still Life, Vera van der Burg
  • Productions toward Mortality, Lauriane Heim
  • Post-Bed-Post, Felicity Morris
The Truman Show: watch, be watched and enjoy
T - Who are you?
C - I am the Creator - of a television show that gives hope and joy and inspiration to millions.
T -  Then who am I?
C - You're the star.
At one point, Truman’s perception of truth changes. A tear appears in his routine blue sky and he discovers that the perfect world he grew up on was the setting of a popular reality TV show. Everything he knew was actually constructed and continuously shaped to maintain the illusion for him and to create entertainment for the mass of the viewers.  Now Truman faces a stealthy painted door that he can choose to cross. What is behind that door? Is he brave enough to quit his comfort and distort all of his certitudes?
Following a similar journey of the disillusioned Truman and the voracious audience, we will question the blurred threshold connecting truth and reality and the control wielded by the mass media. Are we all Truman? Are we all part of the voracious audience? Or maybe we are more on the side of the Creator?
  • Monday, 21st Oct, @ 13.30
  • Thursday, 24th Oct @ 13.30
  • Sunday, 27th Oct @ 13.30
Guided by:
  • Valéria Fabiano
  • Silvia Angelucci
  • Léna Paté
  • Displayed Reality by Mongeun Kim
  • The Sweet Retreat by Jelle van Twillert
  • Football, Between Joy & Sadness by Isabelle Mauduit
  • A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose by Ellen Pearson
  • Woke Wash Agency by Sjo Josefina Schütt
  • HomeSet by Boris Brucher
  • Probably an ATM by Gijs De Boer
  • Stream City by Stéphane Louis-Alexis Borel
  • Geography of Cycles by Marie Rime
  • Instaturgy by Fenna Wenselaar
  • The fragility of Truth by Tiiu Meiner
  • Post-Bed-Post by Felicity Morris