Graduation Show 19

The Design Academy Eindhoven’s 2019 Graduation Show will continue for its second year at the historic Campina milk factory, following last year’s successful move outside of De Witte Dame.

The Design Academy is known for its global relevance and influence into the broadest reaches of the design field. The Graduation Show, which takes place annually during Dutch Design Week, is a focal point in setting the school’s agenda. This year, the iconic factory setting becomes the background for yet another radical turning point in the show’s history. Traversing the boundaries between the four Master’s and eight Bachelor’s departments, a new curatorial strategy will continue to question and revisit how designers present their work, sparking debate about our collective positioning within the field.

The Graduation Show is part of the Dutch Design Week 2019 (October 19 - 27).

A new curatorial structure

Today’s designer faces two essential questions: how do you perceive the world around you, and what character do you play within that world?
In response to this, the 2019 Design Academy Eindhoven graduation show seeks to imagine design projects as elements of various possible futures. DAE considers its agency as a community—of makers, users, mentors, students, performers, and viewers—to work together towards the fictional universe(s) of our choice. This year’s show is based on eight worldviews and five design characters evoked by cross-department selections of bachelors’ or masters’ projects.
From 120 bachelors’ projects, eight distinct worlds emerge. Landscape Amnesia relates to the retention or adaptation of cultural memory; Unknown Caller alludes to precarious employment; Training Set imbues artificial intelligence with the complexities of human identity; Seven Continents, One Ocean explores oceanic society under international law. Meanwhile, The Scavengers delves into the innovations of junkyard inhabitants; Hidden Publics examines urban subterfuge; The Guests are confined to therapeutic quarantine; finally, Channel Eight examines the tools used in the post-truth market of influence. In parallel, the 61 masters’ projects model five different characters, each one a distinct typology of designer: Performer, Critical Observer, Material Appropriator, Situated Agent, and Empath.


The eight worlds of the bachelors reveal a vast array of subjects, with the projects grounding the content of the narratives. From Unknown Caller, Anna Zimmerman’s humorous New Office aims to improve conditions for the freelancer working in a semi-public space such as a café. A series of tools include different kinds of workwear, alongside false backdrops for Skype meetings, pointing out the challenges faced by freelancers trying to maintain professionalism while in a transient context. From a material perspective, Anna Diljá Sigurđardóttir’s machine-made sculptures in her project Earthly Delights, explore the potential of raw sulphur. Setting the tone for the many other material innovations of Scavengers, Earthly Delights delves into the cultural, environmental and historical significance of the element. From the world of Hidden Publics, Irakli Sabekia's Voicing Borders subverts the hostility of a razor wire border fence, by turning it into a radio antenna to communicate information about villages that were destroyed in the Russian occupation of Eastern Georgia.


Anna Zimmerman, New Office and Anna Diljá Sigurđardóttir, Earthly Delights. Photographs by Femke Rijerman. ​

Responding to the complex political, social and technological factors of these different worlds, the characters of the master’s graduates provide an equal variety of approaches. Maggie Laylon Saunders – a Situated Agent – created Striptopia, a pop-up strip club environment, which gives full political, financial and bodily autonomy to the dancers, with tools that allow them to create their own working conditions. Meanwhile, Domitille Debret’s Empathic One-Tailed, ridicules the mass harvesting of online user data by tracking a humble goldfish as if it were a mouse cursor, to generate false statistics to beat data analysts at their own game.

Maggie Laylon Saunders, Striptopia and Domitille Debret, One-Tailed. Photographs by Iris Rijskamp and Femke Rijerman. ​

With its 2019 graduation show, Design Academy Eindhoven seeks to acknowledge the complexity of each project and the interlinkages between them. When design fictions work collectively, they transform individual dreams into potential realities—and redefine the channels through which designers can exercise their voice and their impact..

Irakli Sabekia, Voicing Borders​. Photograph by Iris Rijskamp ​

How to reach us

The 2019 Graduation Show, at Campinaterrein Kanaaldijk-zuid, can be reached in various ways.

By train: If you travel via 's-Hertogenbosch or Tilburg on Saturday 19 Oct or Sunday 20 Oct, please take note that there is an additional travel time due to railway constructions. More information can be found on (Dutch Railways).

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Hop-on hop-off Bus: A free shuttle bus is available every day between 11:00 – 19:00 at the following locations: Strijp S, Witte Dame (bus stop in front of The Design Academy/Emmasingel), Stadhuisplein, Campinaterrein, Sectie-C, Central station (bus stop near to Effenaar). Look for the signage at Campinaterrein the other locations.
With the Hop-on Hop-off busses you can travel to all paid and unpaid DDW locations. The Hop-on Hop-off bus offers 9 days of free travel with a DDW wristband. Don't have a DDW wristband? Then you pay €5,- for a bus ticket that is valid the entire day of purchase for all DDW busses and all routes. You can buy the ticket directly in the bus (pin only).
By car: We advise you to visit GS19 via one of the options mentioned above. The Kanaaldijk-Zuid is a one-way street and a no parking zone during Dutch Design Week. This means you can only access GS19 via the Hugo van der Goeslaan and Kanaaldijk-Noord. Parking: Dirk Boutenslaan or Kanaaldijk-Noord.

Visitors information

19 – 27 October 2019

General opening hours:

Saturday 19 13:00 - 18:00
Sunday 20 11:00 - 18:00
Monday 21 11:00 - 18:00
Tuesday 22 11:00 - 18:00
Wednesday 23 11:00 - 18:00
Thursday 24 11:00 - 18:00
Friday 25 11:00 - 18:00
Saturday 26 11:00 - 18:00
Sunday 27 11:00 - 18:00


Kanaaldijk-Zuid (nr. 3)


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The Arena

The Design Academy Eindhoven’s Graduation Show goes beyond just being an exhibition of objects and installations. In addition to 61 Masters' and 120 Bachelors’ Graduation Projects which will be exhibited in Campina, there will be 9 full days of programming at The Arena. The Arena hosts performances, film screenings, presentations and debates staged by graduates, alongside prominent professionals from the field and extended DAE community. This year, visitors can expect debates around artificial intelligence, design aesthetics, social identities and public space, with graduate performances from future cities, to conspiracy theories. A shift in focus within design today puts an importance on framing discourse. Stemming from the excellence of our graduates’ work, The Arena is our in-house permanent platform for graduate work, debate and discussion, addressing aspects of design practice that underpin or transcend the object, and themes that connect them.


Curated tours by The Critical Inquiry Lab

Students from The Critical Inquiry Lab Masters programme introduce contemporary topics in design and society throughout the Graduation Show. Tours start 13.30 (daily) at the 'Meeting Room' at GS19. 

You do not need any additional ticket (next to the DDW wristband) to join the tour. 

Find the full schedule here

Study at DAE

Do you want to study at Design Academy Eindhoven?

From Monday 21 October until Saturday 26 October the Design Academy Eindhoven invites you to join our Bachelor information session and Meet the Masters sessions in the 'Meeting Room' at Campinaterrein, Kanaaldijk-Zuid, which is accessible via the "Fast Lane" entrance. 

Every day at 12:00 and 14:00 the doors are open to new designers who are interested in joining our Bachelor programme. The informal Q&A of Meet the Masters will be held every day at 13:00. On Sunday 20 October, you can find out more about our new Master department GEO—DESIGN, please join department heads Formafantasma at the Arena at 15:00. The newly appointed head of The Critical Inquiry Lab, Saskia van Stein, and her students will explore the potential of a research approach based on empathy. This panel will give you many insights in what is MA The Critical Inquiry Lab.

Next to the information sessions, there will also be BA Portfolio Quick Scans. This year Design Academy Eindhoven introduces Portfolio Quick Scan for students who want to apply for our Bachelor programme. During the GS19 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (1530-1730) you have the possibility to show your portfolio to one of our admission members. They will give you feedback on the spot. If you are interested in this, bring your Portfolio (even if it is unfinished) to GS19 at Campinaterrein.. Enter through the "Fast Lane" entrance and come to the Meeting Room. 

More about the sessions:




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