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EMMA radio: Broadcast 9, Saturday 26 October 2013

In the last EMMA show (episode #9) we are having a last lunch with
Design Academy chefs
Tonny Holtrust and Thomas Widdershoven, in Koken
met Tonny en Thomas. Designer Niek Pulles,
Matthijs Holland and Ann
Linn Palm Hansen show up as special guests. EMMA reporters look back
a wonderful week, predict the future in a design forecast and sing
along with the song ‘I saw design’,
a fresh EMMA single.

EMMA #9 is made by Joost Dingemans, Olle Lundin and Maarten Scherpenisse

EMMA radio: Broadcast 8, Friday 25 October 2013

EMMA show 8 is a high concept episode, in which EMMA masters analyse the work of three graduating master
students: Martina Muzi, Aurelie Hoegy and Echo Yang. EMMA reporters ask visitors and experts to talk about
the work of these three masters from three different departments, and confront the designers with the outcome.

EMMA #8 is made by Gabriel Maher, Eugénie de Larivière and Lucas Muñoz

EMMA radio: SueMe: "I'm a Designer", Friday 25 October 2013

I'm a Designer performed by "SueMe"

Singing: Alissa Rees, Drums: Ruud van den Berg, Guitar: Sander Borgers, Bas guitar: Akko Goldenbeld!
This song was performed at André Wiersma's Workplace at the 'NRE Terrein' by EMMA radio.

EMMA radio: Broadcast 7, Thursday 24 October 2013

In EMMA #7, we zoom in on the visitor and perception. EMMA reporter Luc Loois interviews Irma Driessen, who
wrote an essay on Google and contributed to a crowdy debate this week about Google as the ultimate designer,
offering us great voyeuristic possibilities, but also influencing our way of looking and maybe even thinking.

EMMA reporter Tom Loois visits the Graduation Show with a special guest Tjaco van de Weerd,
who has to experience the exhibition without sight.

EMMA radio: Broadcast 6, Wednesday 23 October 2013

For the first time since 1955 Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE) is present in Van Abbe Museum. EMMA reporters check out the exhibition. Special report from Van Abbe Museum, with Charles Esche (director Van Abbe) and Thomas Widdershoven (creative director DAE). For Esche it feels quite natural to welcome DAE – and EMMA – in his museum. In his view the border art and design belongs to the past.

Plus: a minute of Fashion, an instant interview with reknown French politica Martine Aubry, and the missing link between the industry and DAE. What designers need according to Widdershoven is the attitude of Dave Hakkens: ‘The industry will never take this, so let’s change the industry.’

EMMA episode #6 is made by Anne Texier, Steffi Brantegem, Jan Pieter Kaptein

EMMA radio: Broadcast 5, Tuesday 22 October 2013

Today we’re going to dive into the weather design, with the founder of Meteo consult, Harry Otten – Emma reporter Jan Pieter Kaptein asks him what’s the connection between meteorology and design.

Emma reporter Olle Lundin has an exclusive interview with textile designer Bart Hess.

And Emma reporter Tom Loois is acting social, with cum laude graduate Conor Trawinski, and with Keep an Eye Grant winning designer and – in his own words – natural born nerd Jens Dyvik.

Both Dyvik and Trawinski are engaging with the world intensevily.
Social designer Dyvik investigates new new ways to bring interesting concepts to the market, for instance by giving the crowd acces to models and tools. Trawinsky is bringing people togheter in his social designs.

EMMA radio: Broadcast 4, Monday 21 October 2013

Typical Dutch design: a sensible approach to global politics

Jana Scholze, curator of Contemporary Furniture at Victoria and Albert Museum, is at the Graduation Show to give our reporters Steffi and Anne her view on the 'Dutch-ness' of this show. What makes the Graduation Show 'Dutch' and what is Dutch design? First of all, Jana states that the show is very international. Design in the broadest sense of the word is present here, and all nationalites are represented. "However," she continues, "the approach is very very Dutch. The sensible way of looking at and dealing with global politics is striking." Some of the projects stood out. Jana mentions the work of Willem van Doorn, who has gone back to the farm where he grew up to get inspired. You would not see this in the US for example.

Other items in this show: an interview with graduates of Central Saint Martins, London.

EMMA radio: Broadcast 3, Sunday 20 October 2013

Dutch Design Week Ambassador Daan Roosegaarde: ‘Stop making chairs, please’

An urgent request from Daan Roosegaarde today on EMMA, daily radio show made by Design Academy students. In an exclusive interview with EMMA reporter Alissa Rees, Roosegaarde gives future designers a crucial advise: ‘Stop making chairs!’

Dutch Design Week Ambassador Daan Roosegaarde (1979), known for projects as the smart high way, the sustainable dance floor and numerous interactive installations worldwide, thinks there is an incredible power in Eindhoven to explore the new role of designers’.

Roosegaarde urges designers to go ‘to the area nobody went before’ and fully engage with the world and to think about the context their ideas need to become materialized and realized. ‘There are people everywhere curious to new ways of approaching energy, public space, mobility – engage with them. That’s where you create your own space for manoeuvre and production.’

Daily item Pablo Calderon, Saturday 19 October 2013

EMMA radio: Broadcast 2, Saturday 19 October 2013

In episode #2 EMMA reporters are on a desperate quest to find Jan Konings, curator of the Graduation Show.
On the way, they meet tons of people wainting in line to see the show. And they interview Marcus Fairs,
founder of Dezeen Magazine, who thinks this graduation show is still one of the most important design events
in the world.

EMMA #2 is made by Joost Dingemans, Olle Lundin and Maarten Scherpenisse

EMMA radio: Broadcast 1, Friday 18 October 2013

It all begins with a legendary, noisy, bloody birth. It´s a girl, and we call her EMMA. Listen to her first sounds and her first words. To kick of Dutch Design Week and the Graduation Show, EMMA paints the walls white, and interviews Thomas Widdershoven, creative director of Design Academy Eindhoven.

EMMA #1 is made by Eric Barendse and Misha Gurovich

EMMA radio: Welcome to the SHOW!