10 Master and Bachelor students were selected to talk about their research process in the form of short audio documentaries

The Knowledge Circle (Kenniskring) of Design Academy Eindhoven maps the ‘research-through-design’ approach of our students. In collaboration with the whole Design Academy community, the Knowledge Circle tries to find a common language to talk about design research practices. Examples are given of graduation projects in which a thinking-through-making approach becomes manifest.

Throughout Graduation Show 2016 the 10 projects below are marked with this Podcast icon. The projects have been selected by our Knowledge Circle for showing a high level of research within varied approaches and methods. To listen to the short audio documentaries - just activate your phone and take some headphones.
Interviews are by Gert Staal with editing from Jennifer Pettersson.

Jing He
Tulip Pyramid
Contextual Design

Almost like a programmer is programming a system, Jing He questions the perceptions of eastern and western design, through a grid of historical and contemporary systems, pondering about what is original and not.

Maxime Benvenuto
The Ministry of Humanism
Man and Leisure

Designing lamps and couches, or designing peace and justice? Maxime Benvenuto dived into the systems that define the work towards peace in the United Nations. In order to make hope a bigger responsibility for nations themselves he designed a new law!

Wouter Corvers
Scale 1 : 1.16
Public Private

If you are an average length person, you probably walk through life not noticing how amazingly well public space fits you. Wouter Corvers confronts us with the standardised solutions that hinders diversity in the public space domain through his basic, but genius intervention!

Olle Lundin
Body Behaviour
Man and Communication

What does high fashion advertising do to our bodies? The fashion world has an idea of itself to be innovative, always on the edge of what is coming, Olle Lundin is opening up a discussion on which parts of fashion are actually fluctuating.

Chen Jhen
The Island of strangers
Information Design

In this podcast Chen Jhen is discussing the historical complexity of Taiwanese identity. At one point she asks “What is real? Everything could be fake, if even our palmtreas are remnants of Japanese colonisation”.

Gali Blay
A journey through the land of Panicutopia
Social Design

The power of the Iron Dome in Israel manifests itself a lot through the believe in it. Blay questions this story by handing us another one, one of possibilities, change, and new perspectives, but which one to choose?

Henrique Nascimento
Guidelines for the human factor
Social Design

Henrique Nascimento proposes a new kind of working condition. Robots and humans will interact through an intricate language-based production cycle, revealing some of the utopian or dystopian future scenarios that lay ahead.

Anastasia Kubrak
A Guide to Satellite Surveillance
Man and Communication

Who owns the information that satellites produce? Can we trust the information or the people and institutions claiming it’s authenticity? Kubrak elaborates on why we should be concerned with where our information ends up.

Isabel Mager
Design is / as War
Man and Well-Being

What are the similarities between the mechanisms of war and design? Isabel Mager invites us to look beyond the beautiful objects and ask questions about labour conditions and production methods. Mager also proposes design as a powerful tool to change destructive ways to produce objects and create a better future.

Naama Agassi
A Calendar of Affects
Contextual Design

What time is it? And now imagine all the different kinds of time that could be used to answer that question! How come we don’t have a wider perspective on what time is in todays society. Naama Agassi helps us on the way towards a new temporality!



Interviews: Gert Staal
Editor in chief: Jennifer Pettersson
Editing: Jennifer Pettersson & René van Es
Producer: Knowledge Circle of Design Academy Eindhoven - Danielle Arets, Liesbeth Fit, Irene Fortuyn, Joost Grootens, David Hamers, Yolande Hezemans, Bas Raijmakers.
Graphic Design: Studio Joost Grootens (Silke Koeck)
Coordination: Liesbeth Fit and Olle Lundin

Design Research Lexicon

Design Academy Eindhoven has always used design to do research, as an integral element of education, creation and innovation. Design research happens in all Bachelor and Master departments, as well as two research groups called Readerships (Lectoraten). In all our design research we take a ‘thinking-through-making’ approach where design and deliberation go hand in hand.

The Lexicon of Design Research was created by the Knowledge Circle of Design Academy Eindhoven to support the conversations about design research at the academy, and as an inspiration for students, tutors, researchers and partners who are keen to get involved.

The Knowledge Circle (Kenniskring)

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