Educational and Research Projects

During the Graduation Show DAE is showing educational projects that are carried out in direct collaboration with our Friends and Funders. We are happy to present 29 contributions to 11 Projects. Next to this CRISP is showing 3 design research projects.


From Wandering to Heritage

Compass Forum Bachelor, 3rd year students

Is there a way to keep cultural heritage alive and what could be the role of designers?
This year, DAE’s Forum, the department that focuses on research into the social and cultural context of design, is looking into cultural heritage. Veenhuizen and the Society for Humanitarianism offer the students a wealth of material ranging from old maps and literature to the typical housing and the people currently living in Veenhuizen. The six-month research consisted of collecting, analysing, categorising and researching the material on offer, and finding ways of unlocking it that could be meaningful to the public today.

> Veenhuizen

Rama Diallo: "Visual Hierarchy in Veenhuizen"

Jason Page and Joris Petterson: "From a Self-Sufficient Pauper’s Village to a Tourist Attraction"

Design Academy Eindhoven and its Friends and Fans

Design Academy Eindhoven is grateful for the work it is able to do with its Friends and Fans. The Friends projects we have done over the years have shown that these opportunities for practical experience give our students a better understanding of the design profession, and help them further their development as designers. The projects offer the students insight into the social and economic aspects of their work, the added value of working alongside experienced experts and sharing knowledge. And the collaborations are mutually inspiring. Friends of the Academy establish active connections with a research institution. Their willingness to invest in education and research is a testament to their social involvement. In our experience, critical reflection by students is often accepted more easily than regular consultancy, which means that working with our students creates an inspiring climate in which innovative solutions are considered, free of judgment, preconceived views or previous agreements. We hope this presentation will inspire you to achieve new dimensions.

Design Academy Eindhoven thanks its Friends

Aliaxis - Bruns - Catharina-Ziekenhuis - Cosentino - E.ON - Forbo Flooring - Gemeente Eindhoven - GGzE De Grote Beek - Keep an Eye Foundation - Lecturis - NS - René Smeetsfonds - >Veenhuizen - Van Engelen & Evers - Vescom - Waterschap De Dommel - Woonbedrijf

Exhibited Projects

GGzE De Grote Beek    

    Laura Cornet

Ecco Leather    
    Pleunie Buyink
    Camiel Fortgens

    Manon van Hoeckel
    Thomas Trum
    Anne Pabon
    Liesje Lokbi
    Joost Dingeman

    Vivienne van den Dungen
    Frederik Deschuytter

Provincie Noord-Brabant    
    Jay Jay Roux
    Jeroen van Oirschot
    Francisca Meijers

De Alliantie
    Eveline Visser, Bennie Meek and Shirley van Piere

Nationaal Glasmuseum    
    Roel van Toor

    Rama Diallo
    Jason Page and Petterson
    David van Hummelen

Forbo Flooring    
    Sebastian Huvenaars, Jamina Grase, Lara Groot and Jasper Rombouts

Openbaar Ministerie    
    Brigitt Albers

Keep an Eye Foundation    
    Brigitt Albers

Susana Cámera Leret
Alessia Camaduro
Michelle Baggerman

DAE wishes to thank:



Design Academy Eindhoven would like to thank her friends
Aliaxis, Bruns, Catharina-Ziekenhuis, Cosentino, Ecco, E.ON, Forbo Flooring, Gemeente Eindhoven, GGzE De Grote Beek, Keep an Eye Foundation, Lecturis, NS, René Smeets Foundation, Veenhuizen, Van Engelen & Evers, Vescom, Waterschap de Dommel, Woonbedrijf