Bio Art Laboratories

The Invisible Visible

a work of art in progress

What’s that shit on your hands? Grasp the chance to leave your ecosystem behind at a work of art in progress. BioArt Laboratories offers you just that. Operating on the crossover of art, science and nature, BioArt Laboratories takes exploring and experimenting to the next level. BioArt also involves the broader society in these developments.

Based on your culture, millions of bacteria have taken habitat on your hand. By culturing these bacteria we expose patterns and make the invisible visible. Please leave your fingerprint behind in the ideal breeding ground based on agar-agar. Approximately one in three cultures will successfully cultivate. This process takes three days. So come back in three days and see what was actually on your hands.

If you really don’t want to know what’s on your hands but are interested in the experiment? Stick your pen, keys or a coin in the agar-agar, and it will do the trick just fine. Don’t hold back and make the invisible visible!

About BioArt

BioArt Laboratories operates on the crossover of art, technology, science and nature. Within this domain we create an environment that stimulates freethinkers to experiment with materials and techniques that define our current age. New developments are viewed critically and artistically as are the accompanying ethical implications of the (absence of) boundaries of possibilities.

Artists, designers and businesses, as well as students and academics, are drawn to BioArt Laboratories to cooperate and enhance their knowledge. Our pioneering organization in the Netherlands opens doors to an inspiring world that innovatively explores the field of bio-art.