DAE Graduation Show 2020 only virtually

On Wednesday September 30, the organisation of Dutch Design Week announced that all physical events planned as part of DDW 2020 are set to be cancelled.
After weighing up multiple scenarios since the spring, The Design Academy had been working hard to make a physical edition of the Graduation Show achievable. We had been doing everything within our means to make it as safe as possible for graduates and visitors, by significantly limiting the capacity, introducing mandatory mask wearing, and implementing distancing measures in the space. For a while, it looked like this was attainable. However, some decisions are bigger than us, and given the scale and international nature of the Dutch Design Week, the decision was made Wednesday September 29 in conversation with the Municipality of Eindhoven and the Safety Region Brabant-Zuidoost.
Everything is aimed in the current Covid measures to avoid unnecessary public gatherings and public movements. This makes a physical Graduation Show for 181 graduates with different nationalities impossible for Design Academy Eindhoven. The preparations that had already started on the Campina site were therefore halted immediately. While we deeply regret having to make this decision, we fully understand that is necessary for the safety of our wider community. Our thoughts go out to all of our graduates who have been working hard towards this physical exhibition of their work, and we endeavour to ensure that online platforms will help our graduates receive the same levels of professional exposure that they would have during a physical show. In the upcoming days, we will be working hard within our existing networks and reaching out via Dutch Design Week’s digital platforms to ensure that our graduates get the attention that they deserve. 
Later this month, the general public will be able to discover the work of nearly 200 graduates through the cataloque and the new website of the Design Academy. This will become available via Additionally, a digital version of The Arena will be taking place online during the nine days of Dutch Design Week, including conversations with graduates, and discussions with prominent professionals.
We look forward to sharing further details in the upcoming days. As 2020 forces us to adapt in many ways, we will be doing our utmost to provide our graduates with the platform that they deserve.


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