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19, 20, 21 APRIL

Studio Zeta, via Friuli 26, Milano
Design Academy Eindhoven, Premsela, CapitalD
Breakfast served by Keukenconfessies

Breakfast 1, 19 April

The Real Deal

moderator: Saskia van Stein
speakers: Koert van Mensvoort, Jan Boelen, Maya Ben David, Ravi Naidoo

Words like authentic, sustainable and green have become the lingo of choice to many designers, architects and companies, in their attempt to address and convince of a responsible attitude towards society at large. But these words run the risk of becoming hollow phrases in a fake narrative of commercial opportunism and window-dressing.


Maya Ben David

Jan Boelen (Photo by Kristof Vrancken)

Ravi Naidoo

Koert van Mensvoort (Photo by Jeroen Broekmans)

Saskia van Stein


Breakfast 2, 20 April

Strategic Creativity

Design in multidisciplinary teams

moderator: Danielle Arets
speakers:  Sissel Tolaas, Bas Raijmakers, Mike Thompson, Johan Kramer, Elena Pacenti

An integral approach is essential for tackling society's current problems, such as the transition to a sustainable economy and providing affordable health care. As a result, business is opening up to new links with the creative sector, knowledge institutions are looking for new ways of doing research, and government is setting its sights on the creative economy.



Bas Raijmakers

Mike Thompson

Sissel Tolaas

Elena Pacenti

Danielle Arets

Breakfast 3, 21 April

Activate the Future!

What can designers do with their idealism in these days of crisis?

moderator: Tim Vermeulen
speakers: Zuzanna Skalska, Tamar Shafir, Joseph Grima

Our world is in crisis. The economic troubles that began in 2008 are still making their effects felt. In the face of pressing questions about the distribution of wealth, the achievability of universal prosperity, and the need to look at how our excesses are affecting the world around us, perhaps we should seize the current crisis as an opportunity to do things differently in the future. This idea seems to be catching on in the design world. But is it just hollow rhetoric and business as usual, or are things really going to change?



Zuzanna Skalska

Tim Vermeulen