Self Unself in Shenzhen

8.12.2013 – 8.3.2014

OCT LOFT Creative Arts Festival
Shenzhen, China



Bora Hong - Cosmetic Surgery Kingdom

Project Sheets


Graduates exhibit in Shenzhen

‘Self Unself’ travels to China in a follow-up to successful shows at deWitteDame and the Van Abbe Museum

Twelve DAE alumni will be presenting their graduation projects in Shenzhen, China, as part of the OCT LOFT Creative Arts Festival. Curators Thomas Widdershoven and Jan Konings will be creating the exhibition with the theme Self Unself, the same thread that ran through the Graduation Show and the show at the Van Abbe Museum. This Design Academy Eindhoven exhibition will run from December 2013 until the beginning of March 2014.

Participating designers

Exhibitors in B10:
Design Academy Eindhoven | Sandberg Institute | Public Art Lab Berlin | Zurich University of the Arts | Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design | Geneva University of Art and Design | ZKM, Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe | Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Exhibitors Design Academy Eindhoven:
1. Alicia Ongay Perez: Inside Out
2. Aurelie Hoegy: the Border between normality and abnormality
3. Bora Hong: Cosmetic Surgery Kingdom
4. Daniela Dossi: Micro Utopias
5. David Hakkens: Phoneblocks
6. Echo Yang: Autonomous Machines
7. Inge Kuipers: Tea-set Touch
8. Irma Foldenyi: Digitalogue
9. Massoud Hassani: Mine Kafon
10. Monica Alisse: Designing the News
11. Nina van Bart: The Alchemist
12. Tristan Girard: Constructed Nature