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‘The younger generation of designers prefer utility over pretty and useless’ is the subject of this article published by Elsevier. It is about socially-engaged designers, one of which is our graduate Hikaru Imamura.

Medical examinations and electrical appliance can be quite scary for children, says cum laude student Hikaru Imamura. She carried out research regarding hospitalized children. The outcome is the project ‘Novel Hospital Toys’, a set of wooden toys for children to play with in the waiting room. These toys are small, friendly-looking, adorable and very simple versions of CT scanners, devices and other hospital equipment.

Her work and work of other socially-engaged designers can be seen during the Graduation Show.

Published: 21-Oct-2012 23:12
  • Graduation project in Elsevier

    'Novel Hospital Toys' by Hikaru Imamura