Who cares? Design Cares.

Author: // 26-Oct-2011 10:14

The cost of healthcare is increasing, and quality of life is at stake: we need breakthrough solutions. Design can transform analytical, out-of-the-box ideas about health and sickness into new values for end-users, care-providers, and other people involved.

The exhibition Design Cares shows a selection of design researches, products, services and systems from students from Design Academy Eindhoven (design department Man and well-Being) and Eindhoven University of Technology (department of Industrial Design). The examples in the exhibition display the broad variety of human centred healthcare solutions, personal well-being and projects on revitalizing neighbourhoods.

Design Cares at Yksi Expo
Torenallee 22-04, Eindhoven
Saturday 22 Oct - Sunday 30 Oct, 11:00-19:00 hours


  • Who cares? Design Cares.
  • Who cares? Design Cares.
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