Everyday is a Delight

Author: // 29-Oct-2011 15:35

One of the themes at Graduation 2011 is Delight. It's all about the power of playing with our senses. We are embodied beings, and our senses are an important part of how we connect with the world. And we love to dress and express ourselves in knit, leather and paper.

One of our graduates combines the feeling we experience while wearing our favourite clothes with the longing to hold something personal and  close to our body. This project is already 'in process' and people are already enjoying the benefits of Kevin Caboor's project.

What to do with that cherished T-shirt you wore on your first date? Or the sweater which held you warm during a special winter? Graduate Kevin Caboor transforms it into a new lease of life as a one-of-a-kind puppet called: Pop-it. Kevin made four different designs called Show-it, Share-it, Take-it and Hug-it. Made to give to someone special, each has its own character and qualities. Caboor crafts each puppet himself, selecting which parts of the material provided best suit each creation. 

  • Everyday is a Delight
  • Everyday is a Delight
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