Gouden Piramide with David Hamers

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Design Academy Eindhoven lector David Hamers is part of the dutch tv program Gouden Piramide. He will be one of the 7 judges.

You can see the 'Gouden Piramide' in AVRO's Kunstuur: Saturday 5, 12, 19 and 26 November 2011 between 17.00 and 18.00, Nederland 2.

What is Gouden Piramide?
Gouden Piramide ('Golden Pyramid') is a state prize awarded each year for excellence in commissioning work in architecture, urban design, landscape architecture, infrastructure and physical planning. Every building client in the Netherlands is eligible for the award. The prize is open to municipalities, private individuals, companies, organisations, specialised building clients and so on. Clients employed by the state are excluded from participation, however. The state prize is an award for projects that, in their preparation and completion, illustrate the inspirational role that clients can play in the design and construction process.
Set up in 2003, De Gouden Piramide is an improved sequel to De Zeven Pyramides state prize. The prize - a specially designed trophy and a sum of 50,000 Euro - is awarded annually. The AVRO broadcasting organisation will in a series of television documentaries highlight the nominated clients and their work.

Architecture policy
The government has pursued an architecture policy ever since the publication of the policy document Space for Architecture in 1991. Architecture policy aims at creating conditions favourable to the advancement of architectural quality. Architectural quality is here defined as the recognition of merit on the basis of three related criteria: cultural value, user value, and future value. Policy related to building clients is seen as an important aspect of architecture policy and is elaborated in two areas: the role of the State as an exemplary building client, and the role of clients 'in the field' (private parties, municipalities, provinces). De Gouden Piramide targets the second of these categories.

Why a prize for building clients?
In the Netherlands there are scores of prizes open to architects, urban designers, landscape architects and civil-engineering designers. Prizes for building clients are few and far between, however, despite widespread recognition among professionals that the initiative and role of clients have a huge bearing on architectural quality. The creative, expert and inspirational manner in which clients create the right conditions during design and construction is often the key to achieving quality results.
Introduction of the state prize is intended to draw attention to the importance of the inspirational role that clients can play in creating a good and attractive environment in urban and rural areas.

Range of clients
The prize is intended not just for those involved professionally in construction, such as building developers, municipalities, housing associations, or property departments within large concerns. Private individuals who commission their ideal home are also eligible for De Gouden Piramide. Dutch architectural history contains many sublime works that are the product of highly successful collaborations between private clients and designers. Others eligible for the award include school and church boards, social and cultural bodies, companies responsible for construction of their own accommodation, landowners, leisure organisations, and agencies active in the heritage and arts sectors.

Gouden Piramide 2011
The theme for 2011 is “city -and landscape development".

Submissions and recommendations
Clients can directly register for the state prize. But since many clients are reluctant to put themselves forward, suitable candidates for the Gouden Piramide may also be nominated by others. If you know of an exemplary, inspiring building client who has just completed or is in the process of completing a building project, you may nominate this candidate for the prize.
A minimum of three and maximum of five clients will be announced by the end of April 2011. The award ceremony is expected to be held on November the 26th, 2011.

  • Gouden Piramide with David Hamers
  • Gouden Piramide with David Hamers
  • Gouden Piramide with David Hamers
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