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Author: // 03-Nov-2011 15:21

  Besides the project Isometric Mirros Germans
  designed also the project a four course mail.
  Here you can see some impressions of this
  project and a video interview (Latvian spoken).
  Isometric mirrors

A four course meal by Germans Ermics

Water is all around us, sustaining life in its various forms. It exists in different landscapes - drought deserts grounds, irrigated and flooded areas, melting glaciers and geyser fields. Each course reflects the different states of water by a progression in the shape of the tableware. The form family remains simple with recurring formal elements accentuating the experience of and appreciation for water. The set of tableware is proposing new possibilities for chefs to experiment with food and liquid in its distinct forms with tableware as a platform that encourages a different perspectives in presentation, creating new landscapes with food.

Interview with Germans Ermics (Latvian spoken) by Veto Magazine.

Website of Germans Ermics


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