Rotterdam Design Prize nominees

Author: // 30-Nov-2011 11:08

A few alumni students and a tutor of Design Academy Eindhoven are nominated for the Rotterdam Design Prize!

Bart Hess, for Various designs
Ester van de Wiel, for Eetbaar Landschap, NuHier, Werkplaats Buijtenland, et al.
Piet Hein Eek, for The Factroy
Pieke Bergmans, for Light Blubs and Llove Hotel interior

About the Rotterdam Design Prize:
The Rotterdam Design Prize believes its duty is to stimulate thought and debate on design’s role in the cultural and social field. Since its founding in 1993, this biennial prize has served as a barometer of what is currently considered important. The nomination committees and jurors set the parameters, and the design field and the public respond. The Rotterdam Design Prize is the award that brings views and opinions on design into focus – a fascinating snapshot with a museum exhibition attached.

In this 11th edition, as ever, the various angles from which design statements are judged will be of central importance. Once again, the contest has no categories – we will bestow just one €15,000 prize, as well as a Public Prize. But who is eligible for these prizes? Which designers, clients and entrepreneurs have made exceptional contributions to the development of Dutch design in the past two years? Which design statements have stirred things up, highlighted the design context, and shown its relevance in the present? And what is that context? Which design statement is in every respect so authentic, characteristic, telling and inspiring that it possesses international significance? How? And which long-running research project has achieved results in the past two years that justify its nomination right now?

These are open questions with many answers. For the first time, the board of Stichting Designprijs Rotterdam has agreed to alter the nomination procedure. Five scouts, all working in the design field, will put forward three nominees each. They replace the committee that previously reviewed and nominated submitted works. The scouts are free, within the parameters of the prize, to survey the design field and choose work according to their own reasoning. Professionals of influential vision, they will serve as ambassadors for the Rotterdam Design Prize 2011 nominations.

Nominees’ work will be on view at the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen from 26 November 2011 through 12 February 2012. From then on, members of the public can respond and vote, and Premsela Dutch Platform for Design and Fashion will hold several debates.

An international jury will name the winner in the second week of February 2012. The public will choose the recipient of the Public Prize provided this year by Premsela.

The Rotterdam Design Prize 2011 is a joint project of Stichting Designprijs Rotterdam, Premsela Dutch Platform for Design and Fashion, and Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen.

The Rotterdam Design Prize 2011 is made possible in part by the city of Rotterdam’s art and culture department.

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  • Rotterdam Design Prize nominees
  • Rotterdam Design Prize nominees
  • Rotterdam Design Prize nominees
  • Rotterdam Design Prize nominees
  • Rotterdam Design Prize nominees
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