Man and Communication

Kyra van Ineveld

Photographer: Kyra van Ineveld

The Wiki Truth

In the past, the big fat encyclopaedia on the bookshelf was THE source of information. A short, explanatory text that held the unquestionable truth. Now, there is Wikipedia, where the truth is formed by 1000 opinions. “This online ‘wisdom of the crowd’ is turning the truth into something transient,” Kyra van Ineveld says. She asked Wikipedians for the pages that had been changed most often. Printed on her own black-and-white printer, but bound to form a classic encyclopaedia, the top five of these pages form a series of impressive reference books. Bizarrely thick books, some measuring thirty centimeter; on Obama, the Catholic church, the war in Gaza, global warming or ‘race and intelligence’. As you browse you can see the shifts and changes in the explanations: nothing is a fickle as the truth.
Photographer: Kyra van Ineveld


Kyra van Ineveld is protesting against the current administration’s pigeon-holing. The ways in which they want to restrict immigration is taking on bizarre forms, she believes. “Look at nature: as a result of climate change, animals and plants go looking for new places to live on this earth, with no regard for national borders. And still we choose to chase out Japanese oysters, Canadian geese or the Asian tiger mosquito, instead of allowing them to take root here.” Van Ineveld voices her criticism of the Dutch zero-tolerance migration policy in a series of picket signs, in which topical slogans in black and white are ominously stamped over some wonderful nature photography.