Man and Well being

Saskia van der Steen

Photographer: Vincent van Gurp


Saskia van der Steen has performed extensive experiments with water in order to fathom its properties. Observing the refraction of light in the water, the mirroring effect, the surface tension and the shape it takes on when it is set in motion, she has succeeded in capturing these qualities in Water Lens, a water-filled glass seating object. Five glass blowers in the Czech Republic have created an enormous glass drop shape that will demonstrate the beauty of water in the living room. Water Lens will mirror, enlarge, distort, and flow: a mysterious object that engages with its environment.
Photographer: Vincent van Gurp


This Light Projector will demonstrate the magical properties of light. Moving the cylinder will change the projection on the wall from a tiny pin-prick of light into a huge diffused circle measuring seven metres in diameter. Saskia van der Steen has mounted a single led light behind an extendable plano convex lens that will unravel the mystery of light. Watch the white light break up into different shades as the distance between the light and the lens increases. There will be a new breaking point for each position, which will give the room a different atmosphere every time, allowing the user to experiment with the concentration, diffusion, refraction and reflection of light – until the projector has been moved so far away that the light eventually dies.