Man and Leisure

Niels Hoebers

Photographer: Niels Hoebers


Walter, a Dialogue with the Imagination is an animation revolving around the realisation of the imagination, as a metaphor for the design process. The main character is Walter: a doll who is confronted with reality. Walter discovers that he has been created and animated by man. The knowledge that he is being played by a higher power causes doubts about his existence. A dialogue between reality and the imagination makes Walter see that man and doll need each other for an imaginary encounter.
Photographer: Astrid Zuidema


A practical and mobile stage, designed especially for the world around stop motion animations. Its mobility and practicality make this work set highly convenient for giving workshops and training sessions on location. The cabinet is constructed out of a modular system in which all necessary tools have been integrated. All the elements of stop motion – camera movements, lighting positions, timing, and placement – can be learned here. This Motion Cabinet will transport the traditional skill into the present. LEARN STOP MOTION ANIMATION Niels Hoebers !