Graduation 2016 Project

Aude Prevost

Department: Information Design

Fill the Gap

Since the dictatorial regime of Myanmar, formerly Burma,
was overthrown in 2012, the country is undergoing a huge
political transition. In 2015 fair and free elections gave power
to the Democratic Party, but existing power structures do
not change overnight. The new government needs international
support, but the media seem to neglect the country.
Aude Prevost thought of a way to get the news flow going
again – through the growing number of visitors. With a special
app for travel writing, tourists become grassroots reporters,
sharing information as they travel. On ‘Fill the Gap’ they can
post information in three different categories: human rights,
freedom of speech and politics. “Travel writing is an interesting
genre, because it combines emotions and factual information,”
says Prevost, who sees the exotic content and personal
perspective of the narrator as welcome extras. Her project
offers a creative approach to support Myanmar’s pursuit
of a true democratic society.

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Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven
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