Graduation 2016 Project

Luuk van Laarhoven

Department: Man and Leisure

The Big Rock

In the era of digital design, Luuk van Laarhoven sought inspiration from the megaliths in Drenthe to revive an old-fashioned, hands-on maker’s mentality: just find a set of huge stones with flat sides and haul them into shape using wit and manpower. ‘The Big Rock’ is made with the same mindset. Improvising step by step, Luuk van Laarhoven cut out steel plates and forged them into a gigantic ‘iron stone’. To match the colours of the original surroundings in Drenthe, he heat-treated the metal. Installed in a contemporary public setting like a train station, this modern megalith will definitely take your mind off the beaten track and offer a welcome resting point.

Copyright Design Academy Eindhoven

Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven
Photographs: Lisa Klappe