Graduation 2016 Project

Emma Lucek

Department: Public Private

Breaking the Fourth Wall

Monuments commemorating a historic occurance or figure take pride of place in many a city square. Inspired by recent urban protests, Emma Lucek questions their relevance. With ‘Breaking the Fourth Wall – A Route in 36 Scenes’ she deconstructs such monuments: each section represents a different event. This 3D timeline is then mapped horizontally onto the cityscape and the events are marked en route. What was once an inaccessible vertical monologue now tells multiple stories, inviting interaction at ground level. The July Column in Paris for example comes to represent 186 years of protests, beginning with the 1830 Revolution. The years are spread out over 2.6 km, from the Place de la Bastille to the Louvre.

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Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven
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