Han Decorte

Department: Contextual Design

Blow Me

Anthropomorphic elements in daily environments
provoking various behaviours and fantasies.

In this thesis I want to show my point of
view on how I perceive objects. I did this
by utilizing the alter ego of objects and their
anthropomorphic properties. The term ‘alter
ego’ is a stepping stone to look at objects
in a different way and thereby finding a new
way of designing. Finding the ‘other self’
in objects is a way to anthropomorphize
an object in a more specific way.

I researched how I could make others feel
more connected to their environment by
humanising their surroundings.

I researched the alter ego of objects by
giving them feelings, hopes and dreams.
By showing the alter ego I hoped people
will realise that they are not surrounded
by dead objects, but with entities with

I found that trying to put specific
anthropomorphic elements into an object
is unnecessary for what I want to achieve.
Instead of forcing my own way of
thinking onto other people, I created an
atmosphere that encourages people to
anthropomorphise objects for themselves.
If the atmosphere of a house changes, all
the objects in it are affected.


Copyright Design Academy Eindhoven

Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven
Photographs: Joost Govers