Claire Fumex

Department: Contextual Design

Micro | Spaces

Invitations to invisible activities.

Outside of the comfort zone of home,
we are often confronted with the difficulty
of sharing the public environment with
everyone else. People tend to close
themselves off from the rest by using their
technological devices, smart phones or
music players as a way to escape from
the others.

In the urban environment, places and
objects are made for the masses, erasing
the notion of the individual from the
vocabulary. It is important to recover this
aspect of individualism and take time to
explore again what is hidden behind it.
What kind of positive points could bring
back, if we focus on it? We have to try to
balance the notion of public and private
space by finding new solutions which may
make the transition between the two more

To reach this, we need to dive into people’s
emotions and feelings and understand
their essential needs. Once we capture
those, we can start to create new items that
would be based on one individual and fit
everybody else too, at the same time.
To make this project work, we have to be
able to create micro-scenes, situations
where the experience is private. How to find
the specific in the general and reach the
general by the specific?

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