Asnate Bočkis

Prizes: Melkweg Award Nominee, Keep an Eye Grant Nominee

Department: Man and Well being

Floating Among Clouds, Trapp and Cloud

As global warming brings the threat of rising tides closer, Asnate Bočkis has designed two objects that can adapt easily to a new, waterlogged environment. With Trapp, she tackles urban street furniture. When all is dry, it is a public bench. In the case of a flood, one end floats upwards to form a vertical mini-island refuge. In this sense the function also shifts, from social to survival. In the same vein, she has designed floating furniture for the domestic setting. Cloud can be transformed from a soft sofa to a boat, complete with rudder for balance. After all, it pays to be prepared. Together the series is called Floating Among Clouds.


Copyright Design Academy Eindhoven

Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven
Photographs: René van der Hulst