Roos Gomperts

Department: Man and Leisure

Ceramics for Plastics

Buckets, screw tops, disposable cups, according to Roos Gomperts, these everyday plastic objects deserve more recognition. “We’re used to hiding such things away in cupboards. I want to show that we don’t have to,” she says. And so, to highlight their colourful appeal, she places them on a pedestal – choosing ceramics as her medium. The opposing visual and physical traits of the two materials brought together in her Ceramics for Plastics series of imaginative objects allows us to perceive and appreciate them in a whole new way. The coloured plastics look extra-vibrant beside the natural, earthen tones of the accompanying ceramics. The series was developed during a residency at EKWC.


Copyright Design Academy Eindhoven

Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven
Photographs: Lisa Klappe