Annelike Kaagman

Department: Man and Communication

Vikings and Vespas

History is about things that happened a long time ago. And this, many young people think, means it is boring. Annelike Kaagman wants to change their opinion by starting a campaign called Vikings & Vespas. She will start with a subject that teenagers do like: pop stars, games, fashion and make-up. In her eye-catching ads in popular magazines for teenagers she connects contemporary idols, games, and lifestyles with the past. Lady Gaga’s wigs, for instance, evoke a trip to the 17th century. And did you know that the Egyptians were using eyeliner as early as 4,000 years ago? The next step is a subscription to CHECK: a school magazine packed with interesting links between the past and the present that will replace history books and will give the subject’s stuffy image a good dusting off.

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