Lio de Bruin

Department: Man and Identity

Leather Needlework

With the help of a big needlework encyclopaedia Lio de Bruin has processed sheets of leather, using old needlework techniques. Her Leather Needlework pieces are made for interiors: rugs and runners to cover seats, the floor, or a table. She has drawn her inspiration from the simplicity and richness of ethnic pieces. Three of her carpets have been executed in life-size. Plumage is a black weave, alternating shiny and matt, with leather feathers growing out. The carpet with the frivolous, brightly coloured fringes and a black canvas is called the Fringes and finally, there is the Colour Block: a large surface covered with wide, short loops, where two intense colours meet. In addition to her rugs, De Bruin has also made a book of ideas that can serve as an inspiration for the carpet and textile industries.

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Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven
Photographs: Astrid Zuidema