Petra Hekkenberg

Prizes: Connect Ring

Department: Man and Public space

Schupt'um tege z'n schenke!

Local football derbies are an age-old way to get things of a community’s chest and reinforce a sense of community. Schupt'um tege z'n schenke! – ‘kick him in the shins’ in the local Brabant dialect, a cry often heard around a football pitch – deals with a match between the Brabant villages of Wintelre and Vessem. Of course, both villages would prefer to play at home, which is why Petra Hekkenberg moved the pitch to the district boundary. The centre line is precisely on the border, a dry ditch with a row of trees. This causes a few weird situations that evoke a playful rivalry. The symbol of the match is a lookout point across the ditch that was built by the two villages’ carnival clubs. Two films have also been made of the project.


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Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven
Photographs: Vincent van Gurp