Dorus Faber

Department: Man and Public space

The Delfshaven Market Stall

Among Dutch fastfood-lovers, the ‘Kapsalon’ snack is steadily gaining in popularity: a pile-up of chips, kebab, grilled Gouda cheese, and iceberg lettuce drenched in garlic sauce. The dish was made up by the owner of the ‘Tati’ hairdressing salon (hence the name, for Kapsalon is Dutch for hairdressing salon) in the Rotterdam district of Delfshaven. But the snack is not available as yet in Visserijplein. Dorus Faber has come up with the Delfshaven Market Stall: a mobile kitchen that collaborates with the chip shop, the kebab place, the greengrocer and the cheesemonger in the market square. The Kapsalon-chef combines all the fresh ingredients and places them under the grill. A lift delivers the snack to your place at the bar which is elevated high above the stall. Enjoy this multi-cultural snack with a view from a great height!

Copyright Design Academy Eindhoven

Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven
Photographs: Vincent van Gurp