Hikaru Imamura


Prizes: Rene Smeets Award Nominee, Keep an Eye Grant Nominee, Connect Ring

Department: Man and Activity

Heat Rescue: Disaster Recovery

In the aftermath of a disaster, the presence of a heat source can make a vital difference to survivors. Bearing in mind the lack of electricity or fuel in such cases, Hikaru Imamura has designed a metal storage and transport drum that contains relief goods and can be transformed on-site into a stove to burn any scraps of wood or refuse. Her Heat Rescue: Disaster Recovery stove thus provides physical warmth as well as hot water for drinking, cooking or sterilizing. “The availability of warmth directly improves the quality of life for refugees and offers them mental solace, as it acts as a social meeting point,” she says.

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Copyright: Design Academy Eindhoven
Photographs: Femke Rijerman