MIckael Boulay wins BRAINS award

Author: // 21-Nov-2011 12:02

Our bachelor student Mickael Boulay is rewarded for hisproject Transitions. This weekend he won the BRAINS award 2011 in the city of Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

The project description: Can we grow the motricity of a disable hand step by step ?
Transitions is a set of cutlery which aims to stimulate the motricity of a handicaped hand, step by step. Through steps, the function of the fork (holding, pricking, scooping) and the way of holding it (from the main muscles of the hand to the tip of the fingers) are growing together, in parallel. And step by step progress is generated. As we can become handicaped, we could also «unbecome» handicaped...


Transitions : the story from mickael boulay on Vimeo.

  • MIckael Boulay wins BRAINS award
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